Wednesday, June 29, 2011

O, Canada!

It’s no secret our spring has been dismal. While Victoria Day long weekend is traditionally the non-official start to summer, this year I think it’s safe to say summer’s beginning has been delayed until July 1st.  

Sticking to a palette of just 2 colors makes things so easy! ‘Mini everything’ is a hot trend right now in party planning. Think mini layered strawberry shortcakes topped with whipped cream served in shooter glasses on red checkered tablecloths. And make sure not to forget a recipe for your signature slushy raspberry lemonade cocktail. O, Canada!

If you’re feeling flush from a red & white overload, you can also incorporate Canadian patriotism into your décor with things that remind you of our beautiful country. Use beavers, moose and maple leafs throughout your space to add extra pizzazz. Bright balloons, paper lanterns and overflowing flower boquets work wonders to fill a room with fabulousness.

Whether you’re having the neighbourhood over for a bbq or you’re wondering about how to dress up your long weekend wedding in Red & White, here are some ideas and inspiration to see you through.

Happy Canada Day!

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